Letter in Support of Parole by


The sign on the Warden’s door:

Mission and Goal statement:
1. To incarcerate criminals and place them in an environment where they can do no harm to society.
2. To rehabilitate the individual so that he might be safely returned to society and become a worth while citizen.

Veronza is living proof that the American Prison system can and does work!

What do prison correctional employees and others say about his rehabilitation?
Testimony of Mr. Jeffrey Bryan, Unit Manager at FCC Coleman Medium
Testimony of Ms. Cheryl Jiminez, case manager in the Skills Program, FCC Coleman Medium
Psychological study conducted by Hans Selvog of the National Center on Institutions and Alternatives, Inc.

Mr. Bowers is living proof that the American Prison system can and does work!

Is Mr. Bowers a caring compassionate individual who has learned the real meaning and value of life?  The best example is that each and ever evening he called his Mother to say Goodnight. When she past on two years ago Veronza pleaded for the opportunity to go to her funeral. When that was denied, he made a CD and sent it to the memorial service so his voice might contribute to her Eulogy.

Any one who has spent a few hours in Mr. Bowers’s presence will attest to his loving, forgiving, compassionate nature.  Perhaps God meant to put Veronza in prison – for he has done more good on the inside then most people ever do on the outside!

Does Mr. Bowers have his detractors?  Of course he does. But listen to their rhetoric carefully. A quick examination of Veronza’s files under the Freedom of Information Act will attest to the fact that their accusations are false and deliberate misrepresentations. The Fraternal Order of Police petitioned the National Parole Commission to rescind Veronza’s Parole date because they had evidence that Veronza had committed numerous violations of prison rules as well as arranging for two contract murders. The National Parole Commission had no choice but to retard Veronza’s release date and call for another hearing. At that subsequent hearing the Parole Examiner determined that there was no factual evidence to support the FOP’s claims and once again ordered Veronza’s release. The Federal Order of Police has now gone over the National Parole Commissions head to the US Attorney General.  They are not looking for justice – but rather for vengeance and revenge! Listen carefully and you can hear the rattling of their lynch ropes.

Thank you for taking the time to hear from some of those who have been touched by this man’s life. He is the living proof of the sign that hangs beside the Warden’s door.



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